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10 Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

weight loss

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude
2. Believe in Your Abilities And the number one tip for successful weight loss
3. Learn From Your Mistakes
4. Reward Your Successes
5. Take Steps Daily to Reach Your Goals
6. Utilize a Support Network
7. Develop a Plan
8. Set Realistic and Meaningful Goals
9. Be Aware of Your Actions
10. Know Yourself

Looks pretty simple when you put it in a list, doesn’t it? Well, in many ways losing weight is just that simple. I should know! After all, I have lost and maintained the loss of 130 pounds. I know weight loss!

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude. Mean people suck. That bumper sticker just about says it all. Despite the fact that your body has excess weight to lose, LIFE IS GOOD! Realize the alternatives: you could be terminally ill, you could be homeless, you could be worse off than you are today. Look around at your life and be thankful for all that you do have. Smile at everyone you encounter in your day. Realize that you are a fabulous person on a wonderful journey. Don’t let anyone or anything get you down!

2. Believe in Your Abilities. So what if past diet attempts failed you. YOU are special, worthy of the best that life has to offer and you are capable of successfully changing your habits and adapting to a healthy lifestyle. You must believe that you can and will do this!

3. Learn from Your Mistakes. If you have a bad day and give in to over eating, learn from it. How can you decrease the frequency of bad days? How can you be better prepared and have healthier snack options on hand? Can you avoid buying unhealthy things that may tempt you? Learn from past mistakes and let that lesson help build your future.

4. Reward your Successes. Reward the positive actions that you do take, rather than punishing yourself for shortcomings. Doing this will help to rebuild your self-esteem and add fuel to your motor! Decide what treats you would like to get as a reward. They must be non-food related and something worth working to earn. For me, things like a manicure, new book, night at the movies or a trip to the art museum work well!

5. Take Steps Daily to Reach Your Goals. Each day, you must do something that will further your progress: be it reading a motivational book, listening to tapes, analyzing yourself or visualizing the future that you want for yourself. Make sure that each day you are moving in the right direction. Realize that plateaus and stumbles are bound to happen, but get back up quickly and take a step in the right direct, the direction of health!

6. Utilize a Support Network. When I lost my 130 pounds, I did it alone. Every day when I log onto my support group, I find an impassioned group of people all caring about each other’s journey. It creates an amazing synergy and support environment. Let it work for you!

7. Develop a Plan. Having a plan to follow is essential! Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took time and planning, but it was realized — just as your dreams will be if you follow a plan for success.

8. Set Realistic and Meaningful Goals. I get numerous emails from people saying things like, “I want to lose 30 pounds by my reunion in 5 weeks!” The time to have started planning for the reunion was many months ago. In 5 weeks, one should try to lose 2 pounds a week or 10 pounds. It is much more meaningful if this person would say, “I want to get healthy and lose 30 pounds — and to give themselves 6 months to do it in.” The reason and the timing must be valid.

9. Be Aware of Your Actions. I dedicate an entire section of my book, Awaken the Diet Within — From Overweight to Looking Great! to just this subject. Mindless eating must become a thing of the past.

10. Know Yourself. By this I mean that you need to take a good long look at yourself, who you are and what you want out of life. There is so much more to this life than just wanting to lose X number of pounds. You know it and I know it. Why!? Why do you want to lose weight? What is it going to change about your life? What do you want to do with your life?

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