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Developing an Exercise Regimen That Makes Sense to You

Developing an Exercise Regimen That Makes Sense to You

exercise regimen

Why does the word “exercise” bring up so many negative connotations? There is no absolute rule that says it has to hurt… at all. You can very easily get in a good workout everyday and literally LOVE every second of it! The secret is, you’ve got to discover what it is that YOU like to do. And the menu you get to choose from is virtually infinite.

If something is keeping you from engaging in a physical fitness routine, even though such a routine can positively and dramatically impact your life and the lives of everyone who loves you, then it is of extreme importance that we figure out exactly what that something is.

Is It Time?

There is no doubt that the modern human’s life is hectic. It can be difficult to make time for the things we really want to do. And because exercise is usually such a low priority for people, they simply go on about their busy lives, doing the best they can to get by. So essentially, lack of exercise isn’t a time problem at all. It’s a priority problem. Your health should be priority #1 above ALL other things. Without your health, you are dead. Nothing else really matters if you let your health go.

A brisk walk or light jog just half an hour each day can set you up for a surprising transformation. Share in the fun by having activity days with your family. Heck, it can be every day. Go to the park and have foot races. Play some basketball or two-hand touch. Go swimming. Move, move, move! If you’re having fun, you don’t even have to label it exercise. You can just say that you’re – are you ready for this? – PLAYING!

Is It Money?

As we just discussed, you can “go out and play” as often as you like and it won’t cost you a dime. However, I fully realize that to get a supercharged workout, joining a gym is a great way to go. And yes, gym memberships, fitness clothing, and even home workout gear can cost a good amount of money. But don’t let this fact stop you from doing the fun, free stuff. It shouldn’t be an excuse not to exercise. Instead, it could be a goal of yours to join a gym after you’ve gotten yourself nice and addicted to physical activity! It’s all in the way you look at it.

Even if you would like a deeper, more concentrated workout, there are no laws stating that you’ve got to join an expensive health club to get it. You can walk up and down stairs, climb a steep hill, or simply do some good old-fashioned calisthenics. Likewise, good eating habits can often be developed solely through the use of common sense. Want proof? Are fresh vegetables good for you or bad? Is fresh fruit good for you or bad? I rest my case.

It is worth remembering that it’s not the process that really matters, but instead it’s the goal. Start small and work your way up. Don’t let ANY excuses keep you from taking care of yourself.

Once you’ve started to build momentum, invest in some cheap workout gear (yoga mat, dumbbells, etc.). This is good for you not only because you’re investing in useful tools, but also because you are establishing a new identity for yourself as the kind of person who buys fitness equipment and takes care of their body!

The Psychological Effects of Health and Fitness

Of course, the benefits of getting and staying in shape extend well beyond the scope of mere body transformation and physical longevity. A healthy body is a body that virtually cannot get locked into a depressed or anxiety-ridden state. Good health is Nature’s finest mood enhancer. Natural endorphins, along with cell regenerating oxygen become more and more plentiful the healthier you become. This alone can have you feeling dynamite nearly around the clock!

In addition, a stable exercise regimen can work wonders on your overall stress levels, making it easier to cope with life’s hardships and to relax. It can also help reduce or eliminate sleeping troubles. For anyone whose life seems to be in the dumps, and things just don’t seem to be working for them, I would suggest physical activity as their absolute first line of defense. Move your body and you move your life in the right direction.

For individuals who are highly complacent and maybe haven’t exercised in years, go small and build. Bounce on a mini trampoline for 8 minutes the first day, 10 the next, 12 the next, and so on. Once you can do 30-45 minutes with no problems, start jogging or running on a treadmill. Within a few short months you can be an absolute rock star. You just have to get started.

There is nothing you can achieve now that you can’t achieve at a higher level with a fit, healthy mind and body. In other words, there are no legitimate reasons to not go for it, and tons of reasons to just get out there and move!

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Half an Hour. Breathing and Sweating. Is It Enough?

Half an Hour. Breathing and Sweating. Is It Enough?


Q: Can exercising just a half hour a day really provide you with any significant benefit?

A: Of course it can!

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be intense exercise. Something basic and light can have profound positive effects on your health and wellness. The challenge for most people is that they don’t think they can find the time. But the truth is, a little bit of consolidation goes a long way. You can pedal away on a stationary bike as you watch television. Want to bond with your kids? Ask them about their favorite movies or bands while you shoot hoops together. Or simple go for a brisk walk and eat an apple during your lunch break.

Your Health – The Most Important Thing

There is no better reason to exercise than just for the simple fact that it keeps you healthy and extends your life. It doesn’t take as much effort as some of those popular tv shows would have you believe, either. Some is ALWAYS better than none, and it really doesn’t take much physical activity to profoundly benefit the essential body systems and keep them functioning properly. A solid diet and exercise program can add years to your life, and ensure that those extra years are good ones!

Your Appearance – Another Great Motivator

Nothing says attractive like a healthy, vibrant body and a positive, energized, endorphin-rich personality! Exercise helps you feel more attractive in many ways, and on many levels. You look more fit and tone, you move better, you present yourself differently, you feel differently, and the list goes on and on.

There are many noticeable ways in which a consistent exercise regimen can enhance your life. At the top of this list is the sense of accomplishment you will enjoy. This comes as the result of you making a commitment, following through with it, and experiencing life-changing results because of that. There really is no finer feeling.

Obviously, transformation also occurs at the physiological level. More endorphins in your blood, more oxygen in your brain, more strength in your muscles… These things feel really, really good. This is why some people will actually never skip a day of exercise in their lives!

Mental and Emotional Benefits

It doesn’t just stop with a radically enhanced self-esteem. Regular exercise can lower stress levels in dramatic fashion, while simultaneously heightening your mood and overall sense of well-being. For one, it gives you time to stop thinking about the stressors in your life and just focus on things such as your breathing, your heart rate, and the sense of pride that goes along with actually doing something good for yourself. And when you work your body out, it thanks you by allowing you to become fully relaxed while it recovers. It’s a win-win on all levels.

Enhanced Mobility and Range of Motion

As you become stronger, more flexible, and more oxygenated, you may notice that your body is moving better than before… a lot better. This is just another of the many great benefits that a mere 30 minutes of daily exercise can bestow upon you.

You will start feeling more playful. You may find yourself bending in ways you haven’t bent in years, which is especially great if you’ve got smaller children around. Few things are as depressing as not being able to play with your five-year-old child or grandchild because you’re unable to keep up or move right.

There is no single right way to exercise your body. Do what you like. Change it up. Swim one day, shoot some hoops the next. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you get yourself to move. Just start. The finishing will take care of itself.

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Meaning and Purpose – The Way to True Joy At Any Age

Meaning and Purpose – The Way to True Joy At Any Age


Feeling like your life really means something can be one of the most profound personal experiences you can have. This sense of purpose can take your happiness, security, and confidence to new heights. And the greatest part is that just about anything can cause you to feel important and needed, if you just take the time to focus upon and appreciate it.

Perhaps you’re an amazing parent, a top-notch professional, a valued team member, or a devoted volunteer. As long as you believe that you are somehow touching lives and/or making the world a better place, even if only in a small way, you’ve got all the reason in the world to feel important and special.

With true purpose in your life, you may just find yourself wanting to get out of bed a little bit earlier each day and going to bed a little later each night. You’ll likely know who you are, where you’re going, and how wonderful it will be when you get there! You won’t be looking for external forces to validate you as a person. You will feel secure and at ease in most situations.

Generally speaking, young adults seem more apt to cultivate a sense of purpose than do older individuals. This is quite possibly due to the fact that they’re really having fun and enjoying their lives. They’re dating, going to school, starting new careers, and are actively seeking purpose. Seek and you shall find, right?

As we age, however, we tend to become more uncertain, often second-guessing ourselves and demonstrating an almost hyper-sensitivity to the decisions we make. It could be that the kids have left the home (flew the coop, as they say) and you don’t feel quite as needed. Divorce, menopause, retirement, and aging in general can all take a massive toll on an individual’s self-worth and sense of meaning.

However, it is important to realize that purpose can be developed. It can be redeveloped. And you are never too old to reinvent yourself in some way. It can be done. You can do it. And here are some ways how:

  • Get yourself a fun new hobby. Gardening, model-building, classic car restoration. Anything that excites you.
  • Join some type of social club. Meeting new people is fun at any age. You can engage in conversation and do all kinds of fun things with like-minded individuals.
  • Begin an exercise routine. Keep your body alive, invigorated, healthy, attractive, and feeling wonderful. Swimming is always a great, fun way to do this.
  • Volunteer your time to those in need. This is where a great sense of contribution can really make you feel alive and good about yourself.
  • Never stop parenting. Despite what you may believe, your kids (and/or grandkids) will always love and need you.
  • Go back to work, if you’d like.
  • Strike up conversations with strangers. Be a good listener, a good friend.

Remember, the world is full of billions of people at all stages of life. You can always find people who can relate to you, and to whom you can relate. And if you happen to be single, don’t rule out the possibility of dating again. Love and excitement are never bad things.

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The Power of a Personal Mission Statement

The Power of a Personal Mission Statement

Personal Development

Do You Really Know What Your Life Is About?

Are your objectives well-defined? Finding your “center” and enjoying deep personal fulfillment comes down to 7 basic components of your life. These are your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, economic, professional, and social lives. Designing your own personal constitution, or “mission statement,” is essential for knowing which actions to take in your life. It’s like an “X marks the spot” on a map. You need to know where the treasure is!

When you’ve got your mission statement in place, you are able to base all of your decisions around how aligned they are with your deepest values. There is immense power in this. To design your own personal constitution, answer the following questions:

* What is the purpose of my life? What am I here to be and do?

* What do I stand for? What are my values?

* Which of these values am I NEVER willing to compromise for ANY reason?

* What kind of person am I when nobody else is looking?

* What do I really want to contribute, and to what or whom?

* What do I believe about my creator? Why have I been blessed with this life?

* Who do I love? How can I prove it on an ongoing basis?

* How do I intend to earn my living? What kind of value to I want to add?

* How do I intend to maximize my fulfillment? How can I live my best life consistently?

The answers to these questions will become key factors in developing your own personal mission statement. In fact, it can be both extremely therapeutic and refreshingly eye-opening to take this kind of time to reflect on your own beliefs, values, and merits. Additionally, it will help you to set your goals and know that your goals are not in conflict with who you are as a person. This will enable you to enjoy maximum contribution, joy, and effectiveness.

Additionally, it is extremely important to value your physical body. Good health breeds good feelings and greater positive actions. Fill your heart with love and develop strong, meaningful relationships. Don’t forget to read a book every now and then. Continuously feeding your mind will expand your understanding, as well as your opportunities. Give of yourself. This is essential for spiritual fulfillment.

I very strongly urge you to develop a personal constitution of your own. A thoughtfully prepared mission statement will serve as a guide to keep your thoughts and actions in tune with your deepest self. Your decision-making will be purposeful, deliberate, and bold. This is true even for the tough decisions.

It is my sincerest wish that you take good care of yourself. Fulfillment, happiness, connection, productivity, creativity, exceptional health, meaningful contribution, and the deepest love are all yours for the taking. I hope you experience all of these wonderful things consistently and forever. Your mission statement is a great place to begin.

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10 Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

10 Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

weight loss

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude
2. Believe in Your Abilities And the number one tip for successful weight loss
3. Learn From Your Mistakes
4. Reward Your Successes
5. Take Steps Daily to Reach Your Goals
6. Utilize a Support Network
7. Develop a Plan
8. Set Realistic and Meaningful Goals
9. Be Aware of Your Actions
10. Know Yourself

Looks pretty simple when you put it in a list, doesn’t it? Well, in many ways losing weight is just that simple. I should know! After all, I have lost and maintained the loss of 130 pounds. I know weight loss!

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude. Mean people suck. That bumper sticker just about says it all. Despite the fact that your body has excess weight to lose, LIFE IS GOOD! Realize the alternatives: you could be terminally ill, you could be homeless, you could be worse off than you are today. Look around at your life and be thankful for all that you do have. Smile at everyone you encounter in your day. Realize that you are a fabulous person on a wonderful journey. Don’t let anyone or anything get you down!

2. Believe in Your Abilities. So what if past diet attempts failed you. YOU are special, worthy of the best that life has to offer and you are capable of successfully changing your habits and adapting to a healthy lifestyle. You must believe that you can and will do this!

3. Learn from Your Mistakes. If you have a bad day and give in to over eating, learn from it. How can you decrease the frequency of bad days? How can you be better prepared and have healthier snack options on hand? Can you avoid buying unhealthy things that may tempt you? Learn from past mistakes and let that lesson help build your future.

4. Reward your Successes. Reward the positive actions that you do take, rather than punishing yourself for shortcomings. Doing this will help to rebuild your self-esteem and add fuel to your motor! Decide what treats you would like to get as a reward. They must be non-food related and something worth working to earn. For me, things like a manicure, new book, night at the movies or a trip to the art museum work well!

5. Take Steps Daily to Reach Your Goals. Each day, you must do something that will further your progress: be it reading a motivational book, listening to tapes, analyzing yourself or visualizing the future that you want for yourself. Make sure that each day you are moving in the right direction. Realize that plateaus and stumbles are bound to happen, but get back up quickly and take a step in the right direct, the direction of health!

6. Utilize a Support Network. When I lost my 130 pounds, I did it alone. Every day when I log onto my support group, I find an impassioned group of people all caring about each other’s journey. It creates an amazing synergy and support environment. Let it work for you!

7. Develop a Plan. Having a plan to follow is essential! Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took time and planning, but it was realized — just as your dreams will be if you follow a plan for success.

8. Set Realistic and Meaningful Goals. I get numerous emails from people saying things like, “I want to lose 30 pounds by my reunion in 5 weeks!” The time to have started planning for the reunion was many months ago. In 5 weeks, one should try to lose 2 pounds a week or 10 pounds. It is much more meaningful if this person would say, “I want to get healthy and lose 30 pounds — and to give themselves 6 months to do it in.” The reason and the timing must be valid.

9. Be Aware of Your Actions. I dedicate an entire section of my book, Awaken the Diet Within — From Overweight to Looking Great! to just this subject. Mindless eating must become a thing of the past.

10. Know Yourself. By this I mean that you need to take a good long look at yourself, who you are and what you want out of life. There is so much more to this life than just wanting to lose X number of pounds. You know it and I know it. Why!? Why do you want to lose weight? What is it going to change about your life? What do you want to do with your life?

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Personal Development Leads to Prosperity

Personal Development Leads to Prosperity

personal development

Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical development can lead to more fulfillment in life. Personal development isn’t really hard. There’s only a few skills you need to master to begin. To start your journey to personal development, you need time management skills and the ability to set realistic goals. You need to understand yourself and build self-esteem and self-worth. Having a purposeful life goes a long way to achieve those goals.

Very few people really have insight into who they are and what they’re capable of achieving. On your path to personal development, it’s necessary to develop that insight. You can’t change what you aren’t aware of. You need to know your self-worth and what keeps you from achieving your goals in life.

Changes don’t happen overnight
Nothing in life worth doing comes easy or fast. Change is going to require both your time and effort. It won’t happen instantly just because you want change. You will need to determine what it is that you need to change and focus on that until you achieve your goals.

Self-awareness is the beginning of understanding what you need to change. You’ll need to take a good, hard look at yourself to discover who you are and who you want to be.

Key points to personal development

  • Know what you want out of life and making a plan to achieve it.

  • Ability to break free of self-limiting beliefs.
  • Developing a positive outlook and getting rid of thoughts that hold you back.
  • Getting in touch with your creative and intuitive side.
  • Understanding that you do make a difference and why you make a difference. Changing your attitude so that you can continue to grow.

Young children naturally possess a lot of these qualities. Children continually learn and adapt. In a healthy, nurturing environment, children are less afraid than many adults. Life to a child is simpler and children’s minds are open to possibilities and they use their creativity and imagination. They are not afraid of what they can or cannot do. In many way, some adults make life more complicated than it need be and their negative attitudes and outlook work against them, but you do have the power to change this for a more fulfilled life.

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