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Breaking Through Fear In Spite of the Crowd – Public Speaking Done Right

Breaking Through Fear In Spite of the Crowd – Public Speaking Done Right

public speaking

Does just the though of addressing a large crowd make your blood pressure go up a little… or maybe even a lot? You aren’t alone. We certainly weren’t born with a microphone in our hands and a thousand eyeballs and ears fixed on us. This is a learned skill. And until you’ve mastered the skill, the concept of public speaking may just scare the heck out of you. Imagine yourself on stage right now, about to talk to hundreds of men and women. What is happening to your body?

* Are your legs shaking?
* Are your hands trembling?
* Is your throat drying up and constricting?
* Are you at a loss for words?
* Are you having difficulty breathing? Thinking?
* Are your guts turning?

These are actually common physiological responses of people who are new to public speaking. For many, it can feel like a fate worse than death. That should provide you with some comfort, though, knowing that your fears are actually extremely common among most, if not all public speakers… initially, anyway. In fact, just about every single one of the world’s great speakers were terrified out of their minds when they first began. But they did what they had to do in order to get over it and get the job done. They learned new skills and developed their own personal power. You’ll need to do the same.

In 3, 2, 1… You’re On! OH NO… Now What?

If you’re fully prepared, you should be able to hold your audience spellbound when the moment of truth arrives. But how do you become prepared? You know your crowd. Study your demographic. Who is your audience? A little homework goes a long way.

You’ll want to learn the average age group, income and education levels, marital status… you know, standard demographic profiling. Once you know who you’re talking to, discovering the best way of delivering your message will become much easier to do. You can use the right kind of words, the right tonality, and the right body language and energy levels to your advantage.

No matter who your audience is, however, one art you will most definitely need to cultivate is the art of keeping good, solid, and meaningful eye contact with them. No other practice will engage them more, make them feel more comfortable with you, and have them hanging on every word you have to say than deep, sincere eye contact.

Encourage crowd participation, when appropriate. Ask them questions, especially those that begin in “Have you ever,” “Do you ever,” and “Have you ever noticed.” Tony Robbins asks the audience if they agree with him. He’ll often say something along the lines of “If you’ve ever done this, raise your hand and say ‘I’.” or “Does this make sense to you, yes or no?”

Organizing Your Speech

Good organization is a virtue possessed by all highly effective speakers. The beginning needs to hook them; the middle needs to captivate, educate, and entertain them; and the end needs to inspire them in a game-changing way. You want to get into their psychologies right away. You want them engaged, and totally loving you right from the start. The end of the speech should be designed to summarize the message that was shared and inspire the audience to either act upon the information presented or simply to reflect upon it for a long time to come.

Obviously, most of your time will be spent somewhere on the actual body of the speech. This will be where you actually put the most focus on delivering a well-researched, well-delivered, and highly educational presentation.

Getting Yourself Prepared

Before you ever step foot on stage, you’re going to need to eat, breathe, drink, and dream about your presentation. Writing, revising, rehearsing, visualizing, and cultivating unstoppable self-confidence will become commonplace for you. You will do these things around the clock. You will commit them to your subconscious. And you will be able to give a stellar speech even in your sleep! The speakers who are the most inspirational, motivational, educational, and generally effective are all so well-prepared that by the time they first step foot on stage, they’ve already done it a thousand times in their minds… flawlessly!

The more highly prepared you are, the more riveting and successful of a speaker you will be. Don’t just give a speech. Become a speaker. Preparation is everything. It’s the only thing. Deliver your message with confidence, authority, humor, and compassion. For the wonderful experience, your audience will thank you heartily.

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